Custom Orders


Your labels can be customized to include your business logo and/or other information.  As well, we can provide you with other types of quality labels besides service labels if needed (please contact us for more information).


Artwork Requirements:

We ideally require artwork in the following formats:

Vector based:  Corel Draw Ver. 12 or below, Adobe Illustrator CS or below, SIGNLAB CDL, Adobe Acrobat PDF.  We will attempt to work with other formats (line files)
- Odd fonts should be converted to curves or the font file included.


Raster based: Jpeg/Bmp/Tiff - these are raster files (dot) which have variable results depending on the pixels per inch.  We work @ 150 pixels per inch (or 60 pixels per cm).


Color:  We can color match most pantones, but please be aware that your computer screen will not display colors correctly unless it is calibrated for CMYK output.  It's best to pick a particular color in the program.


Pricing:  Design time is included in labels and magnets, provided the artwork is acceptable or lettering and coloring is fairly basic.  All extra design & setup time will be billed hourly and you will be quoted ahead of printing.


Repeat orders with same setup - no extra design fees.


Please call or email us with any questions.