Frequently asked questions


Will the labels look the same as on the website?
The labels shown on the website are representative of what your stickers will look like including your company name, address, and phone number, which are put in place with quality printed lettering.


What about guarantees?
We have a 100% money-back guarantee.  If there's a problem with your order, please let us know so we can rectify it.  Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction!

Can we include our logo?
If your company or business has a logo it may be added to your decal for a one-time setup charge of $50.  Please review our artwork requirements under Custom Orders for more details.

Can we preview our setup?
We will provide a proof by email for your approval before printing any labels with logos.

What if we are not using a logo but we wish to preview our label?
Not a problem.   We'll send a preview of your label to you if you've selected the "preview before print" option.

Are the labels adhesive backed?
Yes, these are adhesive labels.  Our experience with businesses requiring service labels has been that they prefer adhesive, removable types.  Other types of labels can fall off, degrade in the sun, and be difficult to remove cleanly.

Do your labels remove cleanly?
Yes.  In repeated customer experiences, our labels come off easily and clean when the time comes for the next oil change reminder.

How good is the label quality?
These labels are made of quality vinyl, eco-sol digitally printed, and die cut to a 2 inch square.

Are the the labels waterproof?
Yes, they are waterproof.

Where are they normally placed?
Usually they're placed on the inside of the driver windshield at the upper left.   An alternate location would be on the driver's door jam (although not nearly as effective both as a reminder to the driver or as your advertising).

Is this an effective form of advertising?
The oil change sticker is always present in plain sight of the customer and the most effective form of advertising is subtle repetitive exposure to your business name.

Does the label obstruct the driver's view?
No. The labels are normally placed in the top left corner of the driver window out of driving view, yet are effective at catching his/her eye intermittently as a reminder.

What can be used to write on the label?
They can be written on with regular pen but we do recommend using a fine felt marker for a more durable result.  Both can be used however and our labels do not require any special pens/markers.